Whether it’s a wedding, elopement or couples session, my goal is to create timeless, creative, and fun photographs. I’m based in Maryland; Tampa, Florida; & Jackson, Tennessee. Traveling gives me life! And I’m always down for an adventure to any destination. Getting my Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in graphic design and photography changed how I see the world and I will forever be thankful for my education. I apply those art principles I’ve learned to my photography. Finding beauty in simplicity has become second nature.

Here's a little more about me! I'm a 7w8 on the enneagram. If that means nothing to you, let me explain…all things happy, fun, and adventurous are what I live for! But I am also very logical and have no problem running the show & keeping things organized. Basically, I’m the friend who’s down to go anywhere and will research all the best places (and food) that need to be experienced. Speaking of food, that's my love language! And iced lattes with almond milk lol.. actually, it’s quality time. I love being around and working with so many different people. Growing up, whenever someone would ask me what I wanted to do as a career, I always said, “I don’t want to work in a box.” I thrive when I can get out and meet new people. Getting to know and spend time with my clients is so important to me. Your session / wedding day should be FUN & ABOUT YOU - I love being the one who makes that happen!

Heyyy, I'm                                                  


1. Jesus is my purpose behind all I do

2. I’ve started baking my own bread and it’s really brought my avocado toast to the next level

3. an iced vanilla latte with almond or oat milk makes any day better

4. traveling & trying new things gives me life

5. disney + is a dream come true

6. art changed how I see the world

7. sports taught me hard work and that I like high pressure situations - wedding days are my new game days
8. walks are the best stress relief - especially on the beach

9. sushi, pizza, & tacos are my fave foods

10. my first camera's name was Stanley, and he is now retired

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facts about me

I believe a big part of finding your wedding photographer is being a good fit with a similar vision and able to get along super well! When you're a good fit there's nothing to worry about.. it's just stress free and FUN! I totally understand that I am not the photographer for everyone, and that’s OK! Each wedding day and couple is so unique and I want to show your love story in the best way that I can!  

My photography style is not very traditional. I of course still get those classic photos that you have to have! But I won't have you smiling straight at the camera in every photo. Stiff, awkward poses or crazy flash set ups are not my thing. I look for candid, authentic moments and emotions. I give prompts to my couples rather than poses. My prompts encourage interaction and movement that are kind of silly but they create REAL smiles, laughs, and add some fun! Prompts like, "give her machine gun kisses ALL over the side of her face!" If you don't know what to do with your hands, I’ll tell you to put them on each other! I want your love to be captured in a way that years from now you can look at those images and it take you back in time to feel those feels all over again - creating TIMELESS pieces of ART is the main goal! On wedding day, I strive to not only be a fly on the wall that observes and captures all those precious moments, but also to be a leader! I seriously love to help in anyway I can! I can give advice, help you decide on details, button your dress when mom can't quite get it, put your veil in because they can be tricky, fix that fake eyelash, put the boutonnieres on the guys, give up my hair tie because your bustle broke while dancing, etc. I’m not afraid to step in to make your day even more perfect. I say all these things out of experience to let you know that I am here for YOU! I will help make timelines, send sneak peek photos a day or two after sessions/weddings, and strive to be a caring friend by your side! I'm very easy going and truly want to give you the absolute best experience that I can! 

my approach to photography

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