Perfect Beach Engagement Photos on the East Coast

Sarah and Nick had a perfect beach engagement session in Delaware. They focused on having fun, and you can see how their joy and playfulness reflects in their photos! If you are planning on getting your engagement pictures on the East Coast, check out these couple photography tips and beach engagement photos to use for your engagement inspiration below!

Sarah and Nick: Delaware Beach Engagement Photos 

Sarah has always dreamed of having beach engagement photos (they’re also getting married on the bay!), so they were going for more light hearted, coastal vibes for their session. For props, we incorporated popping the champagne, a blanket that complimented the colors of the sand, and a lantern! Aren’t they fun? At first we were worried about it being a very crowded Saturday (the first parking lot we wanted to go to was full!), but more and more people started leaving the beach as we were shooting and the sun went down! We had to slightly adjust our plan, which tends to happen during photoshoots, and I think it worked out perfectly!

My number one tip to ensure your engagement photos turn out well: Prioritize having fun!

These pictures turned out because Sarah and Nick really prioritized having fun together. They focused on being playful and tried to set their nerves to the side, and you can see how joyful and relaxed they are in their beach engagement photos!

Should you send your photographer inspiration for your beach engagement photos?

Yes! Sarah sent me photo inspiration from Instagram and Pinterest, and I like it when people do that, so we can go into their photoshoot with the same vibe. Plus, I can understand my client’s personality more that way! Based on the photos Sarah was sending me as inspiration for their beach engagement photos, I could tell that she really enjoyed the more joyful kind of shots with lots of movement and play. You can find more inspiration for your photoshoot on Pinterest here

But let inspiration be inspiration. 

Let the photos you discover just inspire you! Don’t get nailed down trying to perfectly recreate someone else’s photo because you’re going to want your own unique spin on it. You’re never going to have the same everything as someone else’s photo, and that’s the beauty of it! Your engagement photos get to represent YOU! 

Here’s what I recommend doing: Send inspiration for different types of vibes or locations, and be willing to be flexible!

I love having a variety of my couple’s photo inspiration, and when you book with me, I love going off of you to try to tell your story. My photos never look exactly like another session because of that! Sometimes photographers like all of their sessions to pretty much look exactly the same, but I strive to capture my clients’ uniqueness.

Don’t you want to enjoy being in the moment during your beach engagement photos and have photos that are unique to you?

While keeping your inspiration in mind and not focusing on one specific style, I give my attention to documenting the here and now!

Do you want to feel like this after your engagement session? 

“I can’t believe how good these are holy shit!!!! Chloe, you’re amazing! I love them so much. These are going to be so hard to choose from let alone the fact that there’s even more coming😍😍😍

This is everything I dreamed of!!”

Enjoy this experience when you book with me for your engagement photos here!

Chloe Marie Photography | Destination Wedding, Elopement, + Couples Photographer

Check out more beach engagement photos from this East Coast session below!

Do you want your own unique beach engagement photos?

Each of my photography sessions are different, and I would be happy to creatively capture you! As a destination wedding and couples photographer, I’ll document your story on the East Coast or beyond! If you have no idea where you want your photoshoot session, I’ll help you find great locations. Inquire here for your beach engagement photos, wedding, or elopement! I cannot wait to connect with you!

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