Why You Should Have a Honeymoon Photography Session at Your Honeymoon Spots

After spending A TON of time planning your wedding, the last thing you want to do is plan a honeymoon session! Instead of doing hours of research and location scouting for the best honeymoon spots for incredible photography, I will do it all for you! With my relaxed process, you will have honeymoon photos you’ll cherish for a lifetime. Why wouldn’t you want a honeymoon session? 

Honeymoon sessions are the best things ever!! 

I could write an endless list about why honeymoon sessions are the best things ever, but these are just a few!

  • No nerves or stress (the wedding is over!)
  • You’re alone with your new spouse, just enjoying each other (with a 3rd wheel for an hour or two)
  • You’re in a stunning place that you can have REAL photos of yourself not just selfies
  • You’ll have professional photos of yourselves not just in wedding attire
  • Your hair, nails, eyebrows, etc are all still fresh from the wedding
  • I know you bought new cute outfits for the trip anyways… might as well document it
  • No need for a travel guide. I’ll plan this adventure, then leave you guys the heck alone!

My Relaxed, Done for You, Honeymoon Session Process

Now that you know why I think honeymoon sessions are basically the best things ever and everyone should do them, I want to let you know what my process looks like for your honeymoon session! 

1-2 Days Before the Session: My Travel 

When traveling for work, I like to arrive 2 days before the session or wedding. I do this because travel delays do happen (I’ve been delayed over 24 hours before, so I don’t mess around…)

The Day Before: Honeymoon Photography Location Scouting

The day before, I explore and location scout to find the best honeymoon spots for your photography session! Of course, I do a ton of research before, but sometimes the internet doesn’t tell you that multiple entrances to the park are closed because they are covered in multiple feet of snow (that’s what happened, but luckily the 3rd entrance was cleared!). Then, I will let you know my research, see what you like or don’t like, and devise the game plan! 

(I still help you pick out outfits, so don’t worry about that!)

Day of Your Session: Capture Your Love!

The day of your session, you’ll meet me at the location (I’ll drop you a pin) with cell phone service! (This is a crucial step that sometimes is a problem haha). If you’d like, you guys can hop in the car with me and relax because I’ll be your tour guide! After all, it’s your honeymoon and your main goal is to relax, recover from the wedding, and just have fun as newlyweds! I like to go to multiple locations that are relatively close together, so we can get a good variety of beautiful backdrops. 

24-48 Hours After Your Session: Sneak Peaks

24-48 hours later, I’ll send you sneak peaks! Then, when people ask about your honeymoon, you can show them professional photos along with all those selfies and self timers you tried to do! 

Chloe Marie Photography | Couples, Elopement, & Wedding Photographer

Check out more photos from this Colorado honeymoon session in the Rocky Mountains below! 

Are you ready for me to choose the best honeymoon spots for your couples photography, so you don’t have to worry about it?

If you are dying to say “YES!” to have a honeymoon session, fill out my contact form! I can’t wait to start planning all of the details of your photoshoot and capture such special once in a lifetime moments. You can get more tips and resources from my blog and Pinterest for more photoshoot inspiration! Where are we going for your honeymoon?!

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