Spring Wedding Film Photography in Sarasota, Florida

This beautiful spring wedding was at Powel Crosley Estate on the Sarasota Bay (with a perfect sunset on the water view) in Sarasota, Florida. It’s just south of Tampa, Florida, and it was outstanding! Sarah and Landon’s special day was documented through both digital and wedding film photography, and their photos are full of warmth and nostalgia. Are you interested in incorporating film into your wedding? Keep reading!  

Documenting Sarah and Landon’s Florida Spring Wedding

The wedding photos featured in this post were taken while second shooting for the amazing Karin Maria Photography (find her on IG @karinmariaphotography), but are edited by me (Chloe)! I was second shooting on digital, but I would whip out my film camera during different parts of the day to capture highlights and intentional moments. Keep reading to check those out later in this post! (Or jump ahead to the heading “Wedding Film Photography in Sarasota, Florida”).

How I Got Started With Film Photography (and How It Affects My Editing for AMAZING Photos)

I started my photography journey learning on film! My first photography class in college was dedicated to all film photography. My professor said black and white ISO100 film was the hardest way to learn… so we dove into it head first! We did everything from shooting on film to developing and printing in our dark room on our own! It’s really cool to learn that way. I understand manual mode on the digital camera because I had to understand it all for film photography!

I’ve also realized that it’s why I edit the way that I do. Through film, I started to understand light composition and how to take a good photo. I try to keep my whites and lights bright (and the dark parts dark) like I learned! This creates captures warm, nostalgic, and intentional photos.

Why are a lot of brides interested in wedding film photography?

When I ask why a lot of brides are interested in film, it’s because it has all of the nostalgia to it.

“I just love looking at my parents’ wedding photos. I’d love to recreate some of theirs!”

“I’d like some wedding photos that look like film, so it’s a nod to my parents’ photos.”

It also made me realize that my parents’ wedding album was always on our coffee table. When I was really young, I would always look at them. I don’t know why I was SO DRAWN to it, but I just loved it! They even had a double exposure or two in there, and I enjoyed the candid nature of the film. I loved that you could feel the vibes and mood just because of the warmth and the greens! Because of all of these things, this is why I personally believe film is such a trend right now!

We all grew up seeing ourselves on film.

It’s how all of our childhood photos are. Plus, we also grew up with our grandparents’ wedding photos of them on film and prints too. We have this desire to also have our love and selves documented in that same way, so we can have a tie to them. And I love being able to bridge that gap! While it’s going back to the roots for me, I love that it’s special for other people to have such nostalgic wedding film photography. 

Wedding Film Photography in Sarasota, Florida 

The moment that you have been waiting for… the spring wedding film photography from this amazing Florida wedding in Sarasota! 

Interested in including wedding film photography in your wedding package?

Let’s do it!! I love being able to combine my first love (film photography) and partnering it with my true love (weddings)! It’s amazing how far cameras have come, and it does take a little extra time to do the film, but I really think it’s worth it! Don’t you? There’s this build up of anticipation of waiting for your film to get back, and because we’re so used to living in such an instant world, I think it adds layers to the nostalgia and the depth that the film has. Fill out my contact form and let me know you want to add on film, and I will get back to you asap! 

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