Engagement Photoshoot Creative Ideas In Florida

Are you feeling stuck on what you should do for your engagement session? This blog post is dedicated to engagement photoshoot creative ideas to support you in planning your session in Florida and beyond! Walk through our process, get inspired with fun ideas, and leave feeling refreshed on your next steps. 

Why are Engagement Sessions so Important? 

Engagement photos tell a story. Obviously they are taken at an emotional high in your life! It’s really only the beginning for you and your fiancé. There’s so much unknown in your future, but you’re excited to do it together! Later in life, you’ll look back on this time and remember how sweet it was. You’ll have these photos to bring you back to memories – how you looked, how you looked at each other, how you dressed, etc. In a sense, these photographs will act as a time machine! Ready to start planning your engagement photoshoot?

How to Start Planning Your Engagement Session

The very first thing that I do as a photographer is send you a questionnaire! It gives us both a great starting point. Some couples know exactly what they want, and others have no idea, so the questionnaire makes sure we are all on the same page! 

(And if you don’t have an engagement photographer yet, you can book with me here!)

In order to start planning your engagement photoshoot creative ideas, we first need to know WHEN.

This is one of the first questions in our questionnaire! When do you want your engagement session? If you have a certain season in mind, either because it’s your favorite or you need your photos in time for your Save the Dates, this can impact your engagement photoshoot options!

Pro tip: If you can, book your engagement session during the week! Not only are places usually less busy than the weekends, but the chances are higher that your photographer is available! Check out our availability to capture your engagement photos (in Florida & beyond!) here

Our Next Question: Where?

Don’t worry, if you have no idea, I will help you! These questions are just the beginning of coming up with engagement photoshoot creative ideas that are unique and meaningful to you. We provide a list of creative ideas for you to check off all that apply to what you’re envisioning or would be open to. Some of our engagement photoshoot creative ideas / options that we include are at the bottom of this blog post! 

Think about if you want your engagement photos to be sentimental, to be at a stunning location, to capture a date night, to be at a symbolic location (at a small or large scale), etc. The vibes are really important!

Don’t know your vibe? Go to Pinterest and search “engagement photos” and notice what stands out to you! You can also check out my Engagement Photos Board on Pinterest! This will help you find your vibe and spark more engagement photoshoot creative ideas. 

For example, Raquel and Calvin…

had just moved to Tampa from Baltimore! They wanted their engagement pictures to capture this time of their life when they moved cities, so they decided to go for very Tampa-like photos. Because Raquel and Calvin just moved there, they needed my help picking locations and coming up with ideas! 

Here’s What We Came Up With for Their Tampa Engagement Photoshoot: 

Location 1: Downtown Skyline Engagement Photos

Their love for the city is how we decided where to take their engagement photos! We went downtown first and went on top of a parking garage for cool skyline photos. Then, we went into the city more and walked around the streets and took more “in the city” pictures. Aren’t they fun?  

Location 2: Beach Engagement Pictures During Sunset 

Then, of course, we had to go to the beach for sunset! What a better way to commemorate this season of life. Plus, we had the best sunset! I took them to Fort Desoto Park Beach (just south of St Petersburg). Even though their engagement session was both in the city and in nature, it perfectly captured this time of their lives in Tampa!

Chloe Marie Photography | Florida Couples, Wedding, & Elopement Photographer

Check out more engagement photos from this session below, then check out the engagement photoshoot creative ideas you can use for your engagement photos! 

Engagement Photoshoot Creative Ideas

I know you don’t want super posed, boring engagement photos, so here are some fun ideas to shake things up. When you book with me as your couples photographer, I can help you come up with more ideas, support you with location options (I know tons of incredible photography locations!), and provide you with encouraging feedback along the way!

Activity Photoshoot Creative Ideas:

  • Recreate your first date
  • Recreate a favorite date night
  • Go get ice cream at an ice cream shop
  • Have a picnic with pizza
  • Celebrate with charcuterie
  • Visit your favorite coffee shop
  • Go to your fave bar
  • Ice skate or rollerblade together
  • Go bowling
  • Enjoy a boat ride
  • Explore a museum
  • Visit an aquarium or zoo
  • Watch the sunrise or sunset
  • Adventure with your dog (good to note because not everywhere is dog friendly!)

Location Photoshoot Creative Ideas: 

  • Beach
  • Mountains
  • Go destination!
  • Disney World
  • City
  • Field
  • Park
  • Family or friend’s property
  • A venue
  • Garden
  • Museum
  • At home
  • A sentimental place

Are you feeling inspired for your own engagement photos?

I’m so glad! My top priority is to serve you, and your engagement session is a big deal! These are the photos you will continue to look back on and relive! To book with me to capture your authentic moments, fill out my contact form here. For frequently asked questions and more details on working together, click here! But if you fill out the contact form, I’ll send you my guide with even more info and exact numbers… I can’t wait to get to know you!

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