Why the Beach is Perfect for Your Couple Photos | Couple Photo Maternity Session in Florida

Beach sessions are very popular for a good reason! Every single day at the beach can feel completely different with the weather, lighting, and who your photographer is. You could have 10 couple photo beach sessions in your lifetime, and I can guarantee that each one would be vastly different! Take a look at why you should have a couple photo beach session, and see Bobbi & Sam’s couple maternity photos below!

5 Reasons Why You Should Have a Couple Photo Beach Session on the Gulf Coast in Florida

1. Each session WILL be different!

The beach is almost like a blank canvas. You really only have the water. The blank canvas has millions of options as it requires creativity with different poses! Plus, I really feed off of the couple I’m shooting & their energy, so each shoot is different as it reflects them and their personalities. 

2. The beaches are super soft with white powdery sand.

It isn’t hard to walk in, can reflect beautiful light, and is a beautiful background color.

3. The water is almost always at a good temperature!

Plus, it is super clear and the perfect teal blue. The waves don’t get huge (unless there’s a storm rolling in), and the waves roll in slowly. It makes taking pictures in the shallow waters easy! Plus, the sun sets right on the water.

4. Beaches have the best natural color palette.

No matter what you wear, it will look good on the beach! Your clothing can be tropical, simple, dressy, or casual. The sea grasses are unique & the perfect shade of green for elegant photos, and the sand & water are soft colors too. 

5. The beach is not heavily textured.

Texture can be beautiful, but it can also distract. There’s no other objects competing at the beach! It puts all of the attention on the subject (you!), and the background is truly the background. Unlike branches or rocks, waves & sand are soft textures.

For example, take a look at Bobbi & Sam’s Couple Photo Maternity Session!

Bobbi & Sam are high school sweethearts who got married May 2021 (aka they planned through the pandemic madness). They are pregnant with twin girls which is crazy surprising because they don’t know any twins in the family/genetics! They are hoping the girls will have curls like their dad and be blonde like their mom. The girls were moving around a good bit during this session! Plus, I loved Bobbi’s outfits and her necklace! It worked out perfectly because she just so happened to wear the rust colored dress first when the sun was out and super bright and warm, then when it was time to change, these dense storm clouds rolled in blocking the sun…

Warm Couple Photos in the Sun

I like to start my beach sessions in the beach grass because the sun reflects off of the sand, so I start farther away from the water & sand. Bobbi’s rust colored dress was perfect for the warm toned sun, and the warm glowy tones of Sam’s white & khaki matched the tones of the beach. If you’re planning your outfit for a photography session, consider mimicking your surroundings natural color palette! I advise my couples to match their surroundings & wear neutrals. That way the emphasis isn’t a pop of a color, it is of their love, interactions, & their emotions! 

Blue Hour Vibes Before the Storm Couple Photos 

While Bobbi & Sam were changing, the storm clouds came in. It completely blocked the light and had blue hour vibes even though the sun wasn’t close to setting! The sand & water diffused the light beautifully onto them. It almost had a studio lighting effect which was so beautiful and flattering, and allowed us to shoot with ease in any direction which we couldn’t do earlier in the day. The attention was on their love, emotion, and THE BUMP! 

Ready to Start Planning Your Couple Photo Beach Session?

I would love to capture your love story and take your couple photos! Fill out my contact form, so I can learn more about you and what you’re envisioning. I know so many amazing Florida beach locations in Tampa & Sarasota, have great tips on avoiding people on the beaches, and have a lot of experience shooting at the beach with different weather & lighting! I can’t wait to work with you!

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