A Cute Proposal Story (& Essential Tips for Your Proposal)

In this blog post, look through Mikaela and Lane’s cute proposal story. You’ll also discover essential tips for your proposal that you might not have thought of and proposal ideas!

The Background to the Proposal Story

As a friend of Mikaela’s, she told me a year ago that she wanted to get married in the field on her family’s land. This land has been in her family for generations (her grandfather was born in a little cabin in the back part of it!), and a lot of her family members have all built on this land. The field is tucked in the back, and it’s been Mikaela’s favorite spot for her whole life. Her happy place.

Lane didn’t know if it would actually be possible for them to get married in the field, so he wanted to propose to Mikaela there. He knows how special it is to her. He also knew Mikaela was adamant that I take photos of her proposal and wedding. After he contacted me for my fall availability (this is your reminder to reach out to your photographer sooner rather than later!), we started planning their proposal!

“What is the plan? How are you going to convince her to go to the field?” He said it was his birthday weekend, so he could act like they were going to dinner at a nice restaurant to celebrate. Then, he hoped he could casually check a trail camera quickly before they went to dinner.

The Proposal Set Up

1. The Location

For the proposal spot at Mikaela’s field, we picked out a beautiful spot at the top of a hill. From there, you could see the sunset really clearly as it set over the field. It was perfect!

2. The Photographer

To add to Mikaela’s surprise, she thought that I was in Florida! I’ve done a handful of proposals for close friends and family, and I told them I would be in Florida the weekend of their proposal. To hide the surprise, I continued to post on my IG and Snapchat to make it seem like I was still in Florida. It has worked every single time! Ensure your photographer is willing to do what it takes to keep your proposal a surprise!

3. The Details

Lane wanted a simple proposal setup, and I told him I would take care of it! I reached out to Mikaela’s friend, a florist at Avery Liz Design Company, and asked her to make a beautiful arrangement Mikaela would love. Then, we had a simple rug and a little basket from Goodwill with some grass and wildflowers. Doesn’t it look great?

The Proposal Story: Mikaela and Lane Approaching the Proposal Set Up

While Lane and Mikaela drove up in the truck, I was hiding in the trees. I could hear Lane trying to convince Mikaela to get out, and after she was finally convinced (she was ready to head to dinner!), they began to walk towards the proposal set up. As they approached the set up, I ran out of the woods as I was far away from them. She could obviously see the set up and knew what happening, so my theory was once they got over there, it would be good for me to get closer for a better shot! She was so surprised. He got down on one knee, and now they are engaged! 

Why You Should Book a Photographer to Capture Your Proposal Story

If you want to remember all of the details of your proposal, I highly recommend that you book a photographer! Mikaela is also a photographer and has captured many proposals herself. She knew she wanted me to capture her proposal because she knew how important and special it was to have those moments captured. 

Their photos are very candid in the beginning, and I like that you can see their proposal story unfold through their photos. You can see Lane go down on one knee, and Mikaela looking at the ring with her excited expression as she says, “Oh it’s so pretty!” That is the magic of photography – bringing those moments to life! 

Chloe Marie Photography | Wedding and Couples Photographer

Check out more proposal photos from this session below! Save your favorite photos to Pinterest for inspiration, or jump down to 3 Essential Tips for Your Proposal You Might Not Have Thought Of

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3 Essential Tips for Your Proposal You Might Not Have Thought Of

1. Book With The Photographer You Want To Capture Your Proposal Story 

If there is a photographer that you would like to capture your proposal, make sure that your significant other knows this! Communicate whether you want photos taken, if there is a specific photographer you want, and make sure they understand that they need to communicate with the photographer in advance to make sure they are available to capture your proposal. Not everyone thinks about including a photographer for the proposal, so make sure you communicate this if its what you want. 

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2. Be Prepared for Hiccups

Because your significant other doesn’t know about the proposal, they aren’t aware that you have specific plans! Whether you’re planning the proposal or you’re getting surprised, be ready to go with the flow! Mikaela changed the proposal plans, and she had no idea! Earlier in the day she dropped her dog off at her parents, and we were kind of freaking out for a minute about how it was all going to plan out. They were supposed to drop off the dog later in the day before dinner and it would look less suspicious to quickly make the excuse to check the trail camera, but it all turned out great!

We eventually brought her dog out to the field to join us, and they were able to get some really cute photos! Her dog is very important to her and also loves their field, so it was special to include him too. Would you include your dog in your proposal?

3. Talk and Catch Up During Your Proposal 

I think one of the most fun parts of proposals (or even wedding days!) is when the couple is able to catch up and chit chat together. There are some photos of Lane telling Mikaela about the planning process that brought us to this moment. When you talk together like it’s a date night, you’ll have more fun, receive candid photos, and create memories expressing your excitement and processing what just happened together! 

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